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We care about our guests and team members


  • We work with high quality products certified worldwide, friendly to the environment, to clean and disinfect all areas: storage, production and service.
  • We train our local suppliers in cleaning and disinfection processes. Additionally, we ensure that they monitor the health status protocol of their employees.
  • We ensure that the transportation of our supplies complies with cleaning and disinfection in the following aspects: hands of employees, vehicles with the help of alcohol and / or fourth-generation quaternary ammonium and transport baskets.



  • At the entrance of each food production and service area we have placed hand washing stations, equipped with: mechanical action sinks that can be manipulated hands-free, antibacterial soap for cleaning, instant hand sanitizing gel for disinfection, paper dispenser and swing top garbage cans to avoid manipulating them by hand.
  • At the entrance of the supplies to the cold rooms we have a space where we carry out a second cleaning and disinfection.
  • In all areas we carry out cleaning and disinfection. We clean with detergents, and then, we disinfect at least every two hours.
  • For the cleaning and disinfection of dishes and glassware, we use detergents on machines at a controlled high temperature, the process lasts 5 minutes raising the temperature of the water to more than 80 ° C to attack all germs.


  • We work with local suppliers who have taken the initiative to cultivate in-home gardens that are maintained with all the protocols of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and pest controls appropriate for the cultivation.
  • From the hotel opening, we have supported the fishermen of the region, always offering fresh and top quality products, complying with our commitment to sustainability, which is why we are very attentive to them, training them on site with everything related to BPM standards, and receiving from them product knowledge training. We comply with and help them to respect the sea food closures to keep the ecosystem in good condition.
  • With our SUSTAINABILITY team, this year we are activating the presence of Conrad Cartagena by Hilton in the communities of Punta Canoa and Manzanillo, supporting them in training, in events, and looking for the leaders of the area to do park recovery or beach cleaning.

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Address Anillo Vial, KM 12 between Manzanillo del Mar and Punta Canoa, Cartagena, Colombia